The lead artist at Action Sports Apparel has a bachelor's in Fine Arts and emphasized graphic design degree from the University of Akron. In fact, He's not only the lead artist he is also the owner. Nyles (Nick) Reinfeld, owner of Action Sports Apparel, prides himself on quality unique and innovative designs. His team can manipulate clipart, photography, and illustrate a one-off design only for you! To learn more about our graphic design service, visit

Want to take the reigns? Design your own t-shirt using our custom designer. 

Direct to Garment Printing

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Graphic Design

​Screen Printing

Action Sports Apparel provides screen printing and embroidery services for companies, non-profits, and individuals. Screen Printing is a process where designs are burned into silk-mesh screens, and then loaded onto a large turntable that spins around. The screens allow ink to travel through where the design is burned, meaning that if a shirt is underneath the screen when the ink is pushed through, then it makes an imprint on the shirt in the perfect shape of the design! Overtime, we realized we can add different colors together to create more elaborate designs, and now, our shop has the ability to add up to 4 colors of ink into one design.

There are many benefits to this method of printing, but the most important is that it can print hundreds of shirts an hour, making it very cost effective for you! Our goal is to print at least 12 items at a time, but you'll find incredible savings and price-breaks when using this machine for orders of 72, 144, 500, and more!

When you want to put a name or a message on a custom t-shirt screen printed, towel or any other type of apparel the professional team at Action Sports Apparel can help. We have a multitude of apparel decoration techniques and the know how to use them right. This give you the opportunity to get exactly what you want instead of guessing. Contact us for more information about Screen Printing, and to get a custom quote today.

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What we do

​Embroidery is the process in which thread is punch and stitched into a garment using a needle on a big machine. There is a lot of preparation that goes into this method, but the result is a professional and head-turning way to add a logo to a garment.

The pricing for embroidery is based on the stitch count of the logo that is being stitched. This means that the more thread that is being used to make the logo, the higher the cost to add the logo would be. Over the years, Action Sports Apparel has mastered the art of embroidery, and we can help offer our insight on your logo and garment needs. We currently use a 4-head Barudan machine, but the value of the decoration comes from the team of people working the machine and managing the embroidery order. Action Sports Apparel has invested over $100,000.00 in equipment and know-how in the past eight years, and our staff has decades worth of experience. You can be confident that the products you order are of the highest quality. 

Direct to Garment, commonly known as DTG printing, allows Action Sports apparel to print on-demand and low quantity orders quickly and cost effectively. This method of printing is like your printer at home, but instead of using paper, you can use t-shirts. That means this is perfect for designs with many colors in them, or prefer the water-ink and soft-touch print. This method of printing is modern and sleek, but has its limitations, so contact us to get a quote and see if this method of printing will be right for you.   

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