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With over 3000 square feet of Production Space, Automatic and Manual Screen Printer Presses Action Sports Apparel Offers "Quality and Speed". Your high production screen printer.

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New LED High Definition Technology! Making your T-Shirts Look Awesome! 

There are a lot of variables when pricing decorated apparel. Some clients have more time then others and can spend a lot of time shopping, comparing and designing. Most of our clients just don't have a lot of time because they are running their organizations or making money doing what they do. In this case our professional team members can be as involved as much as you want. Basically, everyone receives THE SAME PRICE at Action Sports Apparel based on the number ordered and the design. We have an embroidery price sheet and a screen printing price sheet that we use for every quote. If we know the variables explained above our team members can do all the work for you! We can also suggest design ideas and different brands that may or will be more cost effective. If you're working on a large number of T-Shirts you can even give us a budget. Nine out of ten times we can use our knowledge and win your business. But, if you're just trying to find the cheapest gas in town we're sorry but honestly we can only give you the same price we would have given to any of our customers. All our customers are incredibly important and we believe in treating everyone with the same respect.     

Utilize the Action Sports Apparel Team to Hit Your Apparel Price Point!

Budgeting for Your Next Screen Printing T-Shirts

When you're budgeting for your next T-Shirt design project you can follow the these ideas to help. The first thing you want to think of is the number of shirts. Generally to get a good "per shirt price" you need to order at least 12 screen printed shirts, but you can order 1 shirt if needed. We do create a lot of special custom gifts! Action Sports Apparel does have several processes for making smaller orders including a new direct to garment printer. Once you have a number of shirts in mind you'll also want to have a good idea of the sizes needed. Generally adult sizes small through XL are the largest volume textile mills sell and allows the prices to be very competitive. Children sizes and XXL and larger will generally be a little more in price. After the number and sizes questions have been asked you can then start exploring different brands. Action Sports Apparel has created several links on the bottom of this page that you can use to search thousands of products. You can search by brand or key words like T Shirts, Polos or Hats. The three companies we use the most are S&S Activewear, Sanmar and Heritage. We represent each one of these companies and you can easily order their products through us. The last part of the apparel decoration puzzle is the design. You can either submit a design to us or you can have our graphic designers make something for you. You're also welcome to use our available artwork at www.clipart.com. When designing you'll also want to think about the number of colors needed to create your t-shirt design. Keep in mind that the more colors you use the more the t-shirts will cost you. Each color will need a screen, ink and setup which does drive up the price. There are options and price breaks for volume so don't be afraid to ask.     

Ohio Custom High Production Screen Printing Company

With todays' digital technology you have a lot of options when purchasing anything. With thousands if not millions of venders wanting your business you are in complete control with commodity items. We just ask that you keep in mind local employers who are working hard to train and supply work for local residents. With local sales we also benefit from local taxes going back to our cities, counties and schools. Action Sports Apparel is a strong member of the Norton, Barberton, Akron, Copley, Wadsworth and other local cities and townships. We invite you to come and visit our location in the city of Norton. Meet the people and I'm sure you'll find a pleasant experience, creative ideas and a dedication to your project.    

Taking the online hassle out of Screen Printing

Action Sports Apparel wants to help make your screen printing experience a pleasant one. We start by having a graphic design team at our offices who will assure that the design and colors are right for each job. The owner, a graduate of the University of Akron, has taken his years of graphic design experience and print knowledge and applied it to the screen printers process. You'll be pleasantly surprised how easy transferring your old art work is or creating new artwork from scratch. No online worries of, "Did I do It right" and getting a surprise of a bad product. We also digitally save the artwork so your next run will be that much easier. Many of our clients come back year after year because of this type of quality services.  

Our specialty is large quantity screen printing for local schools, churches, businesses and other organizations, but we also excel in short run custom jobs. 

Action Sports Apparel is your dependable screen printing T-Shirt  factory. With an expert team of customer service and graphic designers you can be assured the job will be done right! CONTACT US

Screen Printing in Norton, Ohio Saves You Money

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