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​As the world's largest manufacturer of flame- resistant apparel, Bulwark offers the industry's widest, deepest selection of fabrics, styles and colors. So regardless of their shape or size, every member of your crew is covered.


CornerStone® - ANSI 107 Class 3 Safety Windbreaker. CSJ25.

What is The Federal Highway Worker Visibility Rule?

The Federal Highway Worker Visibility Rule (23 CFR Sec. 634) is law and is enforced. It requires workers to wear specified ANSI Class 2 or Class 3 High Visibility safety apparel when working on any federal, state, county, or city road projects subsidized with Federal monies. Examples include, but are not limited to, construction, maintenance, survey, landscaping, towing, paving, flagging, emergency, and utility workers.

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We can decorate the following:

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Action Sports Apparel, located in Norton Ohio, provides decorated and undecorated safety apparel. Safety green shirts for construction crews with your company name. With our new technology we can also put your company name on safety vests. Why High Visibility Clothing?

Gildan® - Heavy Cotton™ 100% Cotton T-Shirt. 5000 Product Description Safety Green

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Bulwark® EXCEL FR® Long Sleeve Tagless Henley. SEL2.

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Bulwark® iQ Long Sleeve Polo. QT12.

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What is ANSI 107?

A voluntary standard with guidelines that provide practical instruction regarding both reflective material and garment design to enhance worker visibility in lower light situations. The guidelines define three classes of garments as most appropriate, depending on the level of risk in the outdoor work environment.

What’s the difference between the three ANSI classes?

The classes are defined by the minimum amount of background and retro-reflective material, the configuration of the retro-reflective material, as well as other technical garment design requirements. A wearer shall select which class they wear based upon their own risk assessment.

ANSI CLASS 1 - For use by workers who are well separated from traffic and working in areas where vehicle and/or equipment speeds do not exceed 25 mph. Workers who can benefit from this class of garments include those directing parking operations, retrieving shopping carts from parking areas, maintaining sidewalks, making deliveries from vehicles, and working in warehouses where motorized equipment is present.

ANSI CLASS 2 - For workers who are on or near roadways, are exposed to traffic traveling at speeds in excess of 25 mph, and are in situations where complex visual backgrounds may be present. Examples of workers benefiting from this class of garments are roadway construction workers, utility workers, survey crews, crossing guards, tollgate personnel, airport baggage handlers, first responders, and law enforcement personnel.

ANSI CLASS 3 - These are High Visibility garments for workers in the highest-risk situations, who need to be visible through a full range of body motions from a minimum distance of 1280 feet, and who are exposed to traffic traveling at significantly high speeds. Workers who can benefit from this class of garments include highway maintenance and construction crews, utility workers, tow truck operators, survey crews, flaggers, and emergency response personnel.

Bulwark® EXCEL FR® Tall Classic Coverall. CEC2LONG.

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PROTECTION Your number one priority should always be ensuring that your FR clothing offers the correct level of protection against your hazard, whether it’s electric arc, flash fire or combustible dust.

GUARANTEE  Your FR clothing’s stated protection level should be guaranteed for the life of the garment. No exceptions.

COMPLIANCE Your FR clothing must meet, or better yet exceed, the safety and performance standards required by your industry, such as OSHA 1910.269 for Electric Utility and NFPA® 2112 for Oil & Gas. 

COMFORT Your selected FR clothing should be comfortable to wear (cool, lightweight, moisture-wicking, breathable, fit properly) so it doesn’t interfere with job performance or cause additional safety concerns. 

MOISTURE MANAGEMENT To avoid discomfort, FR clothing should be made from fabrics that provide moisture control, with sweat-wicking and fast-drying properties.

FIT RETENTION Your FR clothing should retain its size, shape and fit with minimal shrinking when laundered.

FABRIC DURABILITY Your FR clothing should be made with durable fabric that is strong enough to resist tears, rips and holes.

GARMENT STRENGTH The construction of your FR clothing should be sound, including strong seams and reinforced fabric in high-stress areas.

 COLOR RETENTION Your FR garments should not lose their color after laundering. 

VENDOR SUPPORT FR safety regulations are complicated. The company you buy from should offer the tools you need to better understand FR, navigate changing industry standards, build your business, and—above all else—create a culture of compliance.

Safety Apparel: High Visibility Shirts, Vests, Jackets, Hats and Coats


Port Authority® Enhanced Visibility Challenger™ Jacket. J754S.

Port Authority® Enhanced Visibility Challenger™ Jacket with Reflective Taping. SRJ754.

[QT20] Arc Rating ATPV 8.2 calories/cm2

FABRIC Flame-resistant 5.3-ounce, 69/25/6 cotton/poly/polyoxadiazole

FEATURES Contrast thread color. Rib knit henley collar. Raglan sleeves. Four-button placket. Concealed left chest pencil stall pocket. Concealed right sleeve pencil stall pocket. Full side seam gussets. iQ Series™ seam tag. Concealed rib knit cuffs. iQ Series™ reseller hang tag.

STANDARDS This flame-resistant garment meets the requirements of NFPA 2112, Standard on Flame-Resistant Garments for Protection of Industrial Personnel Against Flash Fire 2012 Edition.

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